About Sympoh

What is Sympoh

SYMPOH is Princeton University's ONLY B-boy/B-girl crew. We do elemental hip hop dance: Breakdancing, Popping, and Locking. The crew was founded in November 1999 by four students looking to create an outlet for the urban arts on campus. We've become prominent among the hip hop community of this region through participating in, and sometimes hosting, underground B-boy battles, as well as hip hop education. We organize community outreach projects through hip hop culture across the mid-atlantic region. We are also intricately involved with Princeton's performing arts community, choreographing and freestyling multiple performances each month and hosting events such as "Princeton's Best Dance Crew." We also create a full-scale production that sells out every spring.

To get a feeling of what we do, check out informational videos Sympoh Urban Arts Crew, a video about Sympoh (circa 1999-2010) and a Sympoh retrospective or follow us on facebook.

And what does Sympoh mean? That's just something you'll have to find out for yourself.


Sympoh aims to educate the Princeton community on the foundational elements of hip-hop: graffiti, MC'ing, Dj'ing, and the dance: popping, locking, and breaking; with a primary focus on the latter. Sympoh has maintained a steady involvement with Princeton's Annual Hip Hop Symposium-performing frequently each year. In 2012, Sympoh's co-president, Loose Goose, moderated one of the panel discussions. Sympoh hosts B-Boy "Jams" each year, and invites the campus community.

Membership is open to dancers of all experience levels and styles, in order to spread the art as far as possible. In Princeton, commonly viewed as the most conservative Ivy League school, Sympoh builds bboys up from the ground up.


"...four students somehow managed to find each other through our mutual interest in breakdancing, martial arts, gymnastics, and total disregard for self-preservation." - Justin Liang, Co-Founder

Sympoh was founded in 1998 by a quartet of Princeton University students. It quickly established its identity as the first and only Princeton breaking crew. It was also, as far as we know, the first breaking club in the Ivy League. As membership expanded, so did the range of styles embraced by the group. Alongside the breaking core, Sympoh now features elements of martial arts, popping, and mainstream hip-hop dance.

Early on, the crew's primary focus was on hosting "jams," or breakdance competitions offering prizes for both crews and individual competitors. Early jams had various names, but the University became the site of an annual jam known as "Princeton Battlegrounds", in 2009, an event that draws many of the best crews from all over NY, NJ, and PA. Sympoh now sponsors many different events including multiple jams and university shows. Sympoh also volunteers in various community events like "Communiversity." Check out our future and past events on the events page.


  • Winner, CSA Talent Show Dec. 2011
  • Winner, Elements Hip Hop Festival B-Boy/B-Girl Battle, Passaic, NJ, Aug 2011